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Study, designing and preparation of documents for the disposal of treated Wastewater from the Plants of Balqarn, Namas and Tanuma in Asir region
Location of Project

Asir - Balqarn, Namas and Tanuma


Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

Consultant Name

Fouad Al-Saleh & Khaled Al-Dhowalia Engineering Consultancy Co.

Contractor Name

Fouad Al-Saleh & Khaled Al-Dhowalia Engineering Consultancy Co.

Start Date


End Date


About This Project+

The main axes of the project are:


  • Provide a comprehensive study on the current status of treated water from the existing three-way wastewater treatment plants in Belqarn, Namas and Tanuma in Asir Region.
  • To provide a comprehensive study on the possibility of benefits from treated water without affecting the health, social, environmental, economic or agricultural life, as well as ways of disposal of surplus.
  • Preparation of  comprehensive study of the methods of disposal of sewage water for the plants of Balqarn, Namas and Tanumah in Asir region, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and environment, where the accreditation will be based on scientific references and data approved by the special authorities during the study stages.
  • Observation of the ways of preserving the environment where the plants are operated without affecting the valleys adjacent to the sewage plants by providing solutions for the investment of treated water and not disposal through the valleys.

Monitoring the plants and organisms adjacent to the sewage plant and assessing the environmental effects on sewage treatment.

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