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  1. IT+

FKEEC offers a wide variety of services tailored to assist its clients at various stages of projects:

Studies, Design & Supervision

  • Water

  • Environment

  • Urban


FKEEC designs water treatment and desalination plant, water storage, and transfer structures provide solutions for treating wastewater, managing stormwater, water distribution and wastewater collection networks. FKEEC also defines strategies for integrated water resources management and protection; assists with and evaluates government policies for sharing and using resources.

Water Treatment and Desalination+

Water availability in urban areas has rarely drinkable without undergoing treatment. Our teams have designed and supervised the construction of several raw water treatment plants, seawater desalination process, and assisted with the rehabilitation of treatment plants.

Water Transfer+

Water transport through pipes, pressure losses, pump selection, pumping stations, power supply, quantitative reliability, operation and maintenance. FKEC has a wealth of experience in the technical aspects of such projects.

Water supply+

FKEC adopts a comprehensive approach to optimizing water distribution in towns and cities, encompassing quality, health and safety, networks, leak management, efficiency. With many years of experience on pressure pipes, water hammer, control systems, remote management, network modeling, and network asset management.

Sewerage Networks+

With the mass expansion in urban development, sanitation has become a major global issue that will require a great deal more effort and investment. Each town or city has specific infrastructure requirements, and FKEC uses its wastewater collection and management expertise (networks, storage basins, separate sewerage systems, leak and extraneous water management) to help clients define their individual projects.

Wastewater Treatment Plants+

FKEC has extensive experience in the design and construction supervision of wastewater treatment installations and optimum sludge management solutions. FKEC is assisting its clients in adapting their infrastructure to increasingly stringent standards, and help in optimizing the operation of wastewater treatment plant.

Storm water Management+

Storm water is an increasingly important factor which affects any developed city. FKEC is studying and designing separate networks and has completed numerous schemes to collect, store and redistribute storm water.


Ministry of Water and Electricity has given the surface water issue a great importance to increase the benefit from the seasonal rainfall and increase rainfall harvesting. This has been achieved through the construction of hydraulic structures like dams and other structures for detention of runoff and floods. FKEC is designing and supervising the construction of gravity and embankment dams.

Water Resources Management+

Evaluating, mobilizing and protecting water resources are part of FKEC activities and the company has experience and knowledge of hydraulics, hydrogeology, hydrology, and the environment.

Studies & Designs +


FKEEC assesses the environmental and social impact of a development scheme, defines mitigation and accompanying measures, ensures high environmental standards in property development schemes, conducts environmental audits, proposes effective project alternative, waste and effluent management and soil decontamination strategies, confines industrial pollution, evaluates project-related risks, estimates vulnerability and natural, industrial and health hazards, and offers assistance with disaster management.

Air Pollution Control+

A large power generation and industrial projects ongoing into Saudi Arabia have drawn increased attention to the environmental impact of such activities. Petrochemical plants are required to monitor released nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide and expansion projects at industrial sites will also require air pollution monitoring. Saudi efforts to monitor air quality have increased alongside efforts to develop and enforce environmental standards and regulations, creating demand for ambient air quality surveys and emission source monitoring. FKEC is addressing power plant and industrial emissions and the installation of the air pollutant removal processes.

Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste+

Saudi Arabia has been witnessing rapid industrialization, high population growth rate and fast urbanization, which have resulted in increased levels of pollution and waste. Solid waste management is becoming a big challenge for the government and local bodies with each passing day. With a population of around 29 million, Saudi Arabia generates more than 15 million tons of solid waste per year. FKEC deploys proven know-how in this field to help clients select processes and implement the developments that most closely match their present and future needs (reduction at source, collection service, waste collection centers, sorting centers, reuse for energy through incineration and anaerobic digestion, composting, recycling, landfill, ultimate waste storage site, etc.)

Environmental Impact Assessments+

FKEC helps governments, developers and industrial firms in Saudi Arabia to conduct environmental and social impact assessments, providing precise information on the environmental and social consequences of planned activities and taking suitable measures to promote sustainable development. FKEC participates in projects of widely varying scopes and types, handling all environmental procedures, including carrying out initial consultations, field investigations and impact assessments, preparing and implementing environmental and social plans, obtaining environmental permits from national authorities or validation from funding bodies, followed by the application of environmental measures.

Environmental Engineering+

As a designer for hydraulic, waterworks, industrial and urban infrastructure, FKEC has worked for many years on the application of sustainable solutions to protect, collect, store, treat, recycle and rehabilitate. The appropriateness of the environmental studies that FKEC has performed is based not only on major expansion of its analysis capabilities but also on particularly extensive feedback.

Environmental Consultancy+

Our technical and environmental experts provide consultancy services geared to the needs of companies or government agencies, both on a specific basis and in the framework of long-term partnership agreements. Services include organizing environmental compliance training, arranging project presentation meetings, assisting with crisis management and helping to draw up environmental assessments and reports.


FKEEC takes up the challenge of sustainable cities, redesigns urban areas, defends urban organization patterns that minimize pollution, provides network asset management services, imagines original storm water sewerage solutions, supervises urban renovation projects, audits public property, estimates the vulnerability, risks and resilience of urban systems, and proposes mitigating measures or adaptation solutions.

Urban Infrastructure+

A properly functioning town or a successful urban development scheme depends on the managing authority's ability to plan it, drawing on adequate high-quality, modern infrastructure (roads, sewerage, water, electricity, telecommunications, etc.).

FKEC's teams, who have been involved in providing assistance in this field, are now skilled in creating, renovating and modernizing traditional infrastructure and implementing innovative concepts and original solutions geared to local contexts.

Drinking Water Production+

Giving each person enough drinking water to live is the primary objective of any human community and a pillar in the fight against poverty. FKEC is an expert in water engineering and carries out projects involving resource protection (volume and quality, impact assessment), abstraction (intakes, pumping, wells), conveyance (pipelines) and treatment (purification and desalination plants).

Sustainable City+

FKEC assists project authorities responsible for urban and regional development by providing advice on sustainable development issues and oversees the corresponding measures in the framework of preliminary studies. Assistance with environmental and sustainable development aspects of the city.

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